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Board Vacancy

SPECIAL Vacancy notice   POST IMMEDIATELY  THIS NOTICE IS TO ANNOUNCE A VACANCY HAS OCCURRED ON THE FOLLOWING BOARD:  					Plumas Eureka CSD (NAME OF DISTRICT/appointing authority)  TO FILL THE VACANCY OF:  R. Scott Hall	 (NAME OF RESIGNING MEMBER)  whose term ends on:   December 1, 2023	.  The remaining district board members will make an appointment to fill the vacancy created, and the individual will hold office until the next uniform district election (udel).  IN COMPLIANCE WITH THE MADDY APPOINTIVE REGISTRY ACT, THIS APPOINTMENT CAN BE MADE ON      May 11, 2020	OR THEREAFTER.  FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ON THE QUALIFICATIONS FOR THIS	POSITION, CONTACT THE DISTRICT manager or SECRETARY AT: (530)836-1953		  Date posted:   April 27, 2020	  Signed:   	 Title:  Clerk of the Board	   DECLARATION OF POSTING  I the undersigned, hereby declare:  1.	That I am the 	of the Board of Directors of (title) the 	District, located in  	 (name of district)	(town)  in Plumas County, California.   2.	That on 	, I posted copies of the (date of posting)  “Special Vacancy Notice” pertaining to the Board of Directors of the   	 District, (a copy of said (name of district)  notice is hereto attached), in the following three locations within the District:   A.	 	 (location, city, zip)  B.	 	(location, city, zip)  C.	 	(location, city, zip)   I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California, the foregoing is true and correct.  Executed at 	, California on 	.    Signature    Title    District