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Fire Fighter/EMR Ryan Nowling

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Ryan has been a firefighter for Plumas Eureka Fire Department for the past couple of years and has already had a positive impact as a volunteer member of the department and in the community.  In his paid job, he works for Eastern Plumas Health Care in finance and human resources.  Ryan and his wife Dana Have grown to absolutley love the community where they live and enjoy helping people and together have found fulfillment in volunteering and working for the hospital over the past few years.  Ryan said he knew joing PEFD would be a great way to both help people and serve his community while obtaining a great deal of personal satisfaction.  "The Plumas Eureka Fire Department has welcomed me as a firefighter and member of their family.  The training has been hard work, but it is well worth it - and I can say I am very much enjoying it.  I believe I am getting much out of it as what I am putting into it as a volunteer,"  he stated.  "Ryan is a great member of our department.  He has been very active and enthusiastic, and we look forward to his contributions to the department and to this community."  stated PEFD Fire Chief Tom Forster.